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En Tu Casa Express.

# Delivery Menu — All Food Items $9.90

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Delivery charge $3.50. Minimum order two items.



# Bravas

A classic Spanish tapas dish made with Spanish-style fries, spicy Salsa Brava from Madrid and house made garlic mayo.

# Spanish tortilla

Spanish omelette filled with pan-fried potatoes and onion served with house made garlic mayo.

# Stuffed eggs

Eggs stuffed with tuna and piquillo peppers topped with house made mayo.

# Beet gazpacho

This item ONLY $6.0! Awesome Best Quality

Cold refreshing tomato base soup made with raw veggies from BC topped with cantaloupe melon. The perfect summer drink.

# Charcuterie and cheese board

Another chefs selection of high quality Spanish meats and cheeses.


# Spinach and greens

A mix of fresh greens with fresh mushrooms, carrots, and apple, dressed with fig vinaigrette and topped with sunflower seeds.

# Mediterranean

A mix of fresh greens topped with onion, carrots, and boiled egg, dressed with an extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette.


# Linguine in carrot and white wine sauce


A different take on pasta sauce: made with onions, carrot puree and white wine. Inspired by Martin Berasategui.

# Linguine in marinara sauce


Classic Italian dish prepared with marinara sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

# Meatballs

Just like our meatball linguine in carrot and white wine sauce, served on Spanish-style fries.

# Serrano sub

A MUST. Every restaurant across Spain serves this delicious and simple bocadillo. Serrano ham served on a bed of freshly-grated organic tomatoes and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

# Spanish tortilla sub

Delicious potato omelette bocadillo served with piquillo pepper and house made garlic mayo.

# Meatball sub

A Spanish take on a classic American sandwich. Recipe inspired by Martin Berasatagui.


# Cheesecake

A Spanish take on cheesecake. Made with ricotta and cream, served with organic strawberry jam.

# Serrano melon brochettes

Spanish Serrano ham, cantaloupe melon and graves skewers. The perfect summer bite.