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OUR HOUSE SPECIALTY. Traditional Spanish paella made fresh for every order. Delivered and served on a traditional paella pan.
Call us at 604-388-8086 and get your booked order.

# Seafood paella

20.00 per person

A classic Spanish dining experience. Our seafood paella is made with house made seafood broth, Spanish Bomba rice and a chef’s selection of seafood.

# Paella valenciana

20.00 per person

The original recipe of all paellas. Made with house made broth, pork ribs, chicken, green beans and bomba rice.

# Paella mixta

22.00 per person

Our seafood paella served with chicken wings and pork ribs for those who love everything.

# Vegan paella

18.00 per person

The perfect choice for vegetarians and vegans. Chef’s selection of vegetables, rice, house made tomato sauce and vegetable home made broth.

Remember 👇

Minimum order of 4 people. Please provide us with 3 hours notice.
We will pick up the paella pan the day after. Delivery charge $3.50.

En Tu Casa-Seafood paella-Whistler Food delivery